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Klamath Falls Farmers Market Association Board of Directors

The Klamath Falls Farmers Market Association (KFFMA) Board of Directors is responsible for the Market's overall governance, sets policy, manages the budget, and provides staff oversight. The Board also participates in committees to attain Market mission and goals.

Mission of KFFMA 
  • ·To provide small part-time or fulltime farmers with facilities, sites and services that will enable them collectively to promote and market their agricultural product directly to the public
  • · To educate the public about agricultural commodities by offering consumers a special market where by may obtain quality fresh produce directly from the grower.
  • ·To provide members a form for gathering and disseminating information that will educate and assist them in developing agricultural and marketing expertise.
  • ·To support public activities intended for the general betterment of agriculture in the greater Klamath Basin and surrounding counties.

Current KFFM Association Board of Directors

1. President/Secretary: Jordan Rainwater (Vendor -Belweather Farm)belweatherfarm@gmail.com

2. Treasurer: John Anderson (Vendor - Maranatha Farm)maranathafarm1@gmail.com

3. Patty Case (Community Supporter)casep5510@gmail.com

4. Rick Walsh (Vendor - Fresh Green Organics)rick@freshgreenorganics.com

Ex Officio Board Members (non-voting members with no attendance obligations)

Nicole Sanchez (O.S.U. Extension/Klamath Co.) nicole.sanchez@oregonstate.edu

Renea Wood (PR Manager for Sky Lakes Medical Center) Renea.Wood@skylakes.org

You can have a fundamental role in bringing fresh local produce to our community and facilitate market access for farmers and small businesses.

We always accept applications for wholehearted volunteer board members and board committee members to share their time and talent and impact our community by leading the KFFMA to a flourishing future.

Board Member Job Description

Board Member Application 

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