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Volunteer at market

The Klamath Falls Farmers market could always use more help. If you're interested in volunteering your time to make your market run smoothly, we'd love to have you! Email us and let us know how you’d like to help!

Market Day Volunteer helpers are needed

We ask volunteers to be flexible in helping with the following activities (as directed by the market manager)

1.       Help the market manager or a vendor with misc. market tasks

2.       Assist the market manager duties at the market information booth

3.       Help to answer general questions about the market

4.       Help farmer's market customers to their vehicles  with purchases

5.       Direct customers to vendors, facilities, and services

6.       Other tasks of the day!

Volunteers are asked to please report to the market information booth to check-in with the farmer's market manager.

Please be aware that some days may be busier, some days may be slower.

Dress suitably for the weather that day.

Please let us know when you are planning on helping or if you are unable to help.

We thank you for your time. Can't wait to work with you! Email us here!

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